Our Vision & Mission

We the Salesians of Don Bosco commit ourselves to the integral development of the youth especially the poor and the marginalized and other disadvantaged sections of the society, through the humanization and spiritualization of individuals and equip them with sound technical and life skills to face the challenges of the modern technological society.

Our Mission

Imparting sound education to young people through an all embracing training which, while equipping them with technical training, will take care to develop their character and personality thus forming honest citizens useful to the society.


To work for the poor and the abandoned youth.
To make them honest and responsible citizens of tomorrow.
To work for the intellectual, spiritual,cultural, social and physical formation of the youth through technical training using Don Bosco's preventive system of education.
To make the youth to accept and aprreciate good and noble in the multicultural aspects of life.
To make them promoters of justice and peace in the likeness of christ. To make them live their life with the plan of God and guide the individuals to gain technical. educatuonal and spiritual skills, which help them to earn and live.